How can you tell if a girl likes you


i was wondering that possibly a girl might like me. if you talk on the phone with a girl for like 5 hours straight could there be a possibility she might be attracted to me? not quite sure what to make of it but it would seem that if she didnt like me she wouldnt talk with me for so long. am i correct to assume this? just wanted to ask around and see what the general consensus is here. ive been out the dating game for awhile and i didnt want to make a fool of myself :slight_smile:


Depends on their mood, son!


kinda hard to tell if she wants to be my friend or maybe more :slight_smile:


Talking to a tech support on the other line doesn’t count. LOL. JK
If you two can talk for hours again, then yeah I think it’s a definite sign she’s into you.


haha doesnt matter if she likes me anyways shes taken :frowning:


She’s using you for attention. You should start charging her for your time :laughing:


I was on the line with a girl from Hyderabad, India the other day. I needed to make a payment on my internet bill. She sounded cute and I got to asking her about the rain and we talked about the monsoon in Cambodia and I told her most of Cambodia is still countryside and we grow rice. I think I got the impression from her that she gonna be buying her rice from Cambodia.

Have you met her face to face doe?


the question is…how interested you be in her?


yea i dont do online dating. i actually had a couple of drinks at her job then when she got off work we went to a bar.


does she work at a bar doe. how did you link with her? she sounds like she into you if sge be going out. and she must be legal since u went bar hoppin.


i dont want to get into too much detail about her. haha khmer people be too nosy but like i said shes taken i dont see us moving past a friendship stage shes not that type of gal.


hahaha i hope not my time is valuable! not gonna lie i was tired the next day. talked til like 3 am in the morning lol


There be so many single women in tha world bruh leave tha tied-down alone! It would be a good sign doe if she call you outta da blue in tha next few weeks sayen she broke up with her man. You can be tha new suga daddy, if ya catch my drift.


nah thats not gonna happen. plus i got a lot of baggage i dont think anyone in their right mind wants to get involved with me.


Bruh if the baggage be ballz that ok. if it be titties then throw in tha towel lol


When at first you meet her, you have to ask her name. At that point on, if she goes out of her way to come find you, you might be a winner.


Pray to God. Ask for strength, guidance and courage. Ask for a path to be created for you and for ypu to be able to venture on it qithout harm Always pray for more strength each day to have more strength to carry your cross. It is through God that we each have been gifted as policy makers.


You would think you would have to ask. It was different for me when I met Maria, she told me everything without me as so much saying a word to question her. And I felt a strong ‘hit’ from it. That why I’m still trying to figure out why I had to leave Scarborough and return home when we had such a deep connection. Deep down I know I’m better off here.

But it wasnt just Maria, there was also this Spanish girl at the Bakery that turned me on too. She kept finishing my sentences and it turned me on. but I only bumped into a few times and the first time we met i had just returned from eternity looking for Maria.