Honda or Toyota


So now that I’m moving back to California, I’m debating on trading in my Subaru Legacy for either a 2018 Honda Accord or 2018 Toyota Camry. Need a family car and a gas saver since I’ll be driving an hour back and forth to work. What’d you guys think? Of course I’m looking for a little power in the car but I need a gas saver as well lol.


both are excellent choices. they’re pretty much worry-free cars. if you wanna be cool, be like thy and order yourself a tesla!!


the thought of my tesla breaking down in the middle of the road and having no clue on what to do with a car with no engine…yeah lol. I’m good with that.


although super reliable, your honda or Toyota would probably break down first before the tesla.


Yes that is true indeed lol


Honestly never thought id own a honda… but now i own one and love it


Owned both makes in the past and can’t complain about either. Great companies. Currently own 2 Hondas, they’re cheap, reliable, what more could you ask for?