Flickering and Shadow People


Has any of you ever witnessed or experienced shadow people? I’m convinced they are real. Sometimes when I do mantras I start to see flickering come and go and what looks like shadow figures. It must be the mantra to obtain all siddhis, natural and supernatural. I don’t want to stop that mantra though because I feel it may be helping me in ways you might not be able to imagine. A quick Christian prayer to God and the flickering stops.


onice i listened to TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD on YT and fall asleep too it… and was awaked to the most amazing 3D plasma orb in my life yet!

it was like the exact OPPOSITE of shadow reaper experienced while falling asleeping or awakening from sleep paralysis - and yes indeed, reciting the Lord’s Prayers seems to work like a charm in warding off that cloaked figure! but seriously, IN earth?! =L

used to be ON.