Favorite LB restaurant


funny how lil la lune closes at 5pm on the dot… it can be like 8am and the place is already packed with aw knear chomping down huge tables of nom banchok.to the likes of chhang phnom plerng (volcano hot pot)!

cali restaurants with liquor license seems a dying breed =L


La lune and Monorom make the best fried quails!


monorom is pretty good.


lmao yea thats the spot. me and da homie used to eat there back in da day. i take snowy to the pet grooming palce next door


I almost forgot about this place! This is the most authentic place for Khmer food. Unfortunately, my husband got sick once from eating the clams so we haven’t returned for years but I would still meet up my friends for lunch at Crystal Thai lol. I wished they would change the name though.


havent been to crystal thai in a month or so. i be eating at hak heang alot now. i like their x.o shrimp fried rice.


Anaheim St / Cambodia Town looks so run-down and dusky lately with so many small khmer shops closed all the time… any fresh new restaurants in the LB area besides Rice String?


I don’t go to LBC as often as I used to buy when I do go, I’ll eat at Sophy’s, Long Beach Thai, Monorom, La Lune and get snacks from the markets


Got invited to a wedding at Hak Heang, but declined; despite new management what are rats doing climbing curtains and scurrying about, per Yelp?!

RIP Bobby =L