Favorite LB restaurant


my top five no particular order. They all serve beer and thats right up my alley.

Apsara Cafe
Legend Seafood
Hak Heang
Dara Restaurant


I’ve only been to LB a few times and so far most of the Khmer restaurants I’ve tried were good. Thanks for the list. I’ll give them a shot next time I’m down there.


there are probably many more that are good these are just the ones i frequent because of my alcoholism


LOL. That srah be the devil.


yup caught a case while drunk. got divorced cause i was a drunk. like theres a pattern but i never learn


Got divorced without getting drunk but she definitely was. SMH.


hah yea i learned my lesson. never ever try to have a conversation drunk off your ass.no tellin what u gonna say or do. i lost my kid to some bullshit. been like 2 years i aint seen him. but tell me why the other day someone from cambodia tried to login to my google account and go through my photos. LOL 2-step verification bich even if i did have another girl in my life shed be the last to know haha


RiceString Noodle Shack in Cerritos maybe try their ‘Chluy bowl’ or 1/2 Cornish hen if you’re a meateater. i just tried their shrimp/seafood meekatang and loat cha (typical dish i used to get from Lil La Lune too).

Thaibodia makes the best pad kee mao so far but they’re in S Clara.

does anywhere else in CA besides Sophy’s offer khmer or thai style frog? pray tell…


man i havent been to sophys in forever. i stay eating in cambodia town. local boy


I went to rice string when it was first opened, and the food didn’t taste as good as the one on cherry St. The broth for the kathiew barely had any flavors. Maybe I came in at the wrong time.


My favorite used to be siem reap but it’s closed down. Little la lune is good too!


yea there are just so many restaurants i was just thinking of the five i usually eat at because they serve beer and i usually grab a beer with my food to go. matter of fact as im typing this right now i have a beer sitting next to me. im about to crack this bich open and start working on my paper some more. but most likely ill put on a movie and fall asleep drunk. little la lune is coo they have the best ja kwai cause they make it fresh.


Man, all this talk about Khmer food definitely making me miss LB. I think I’m due for another trip down.


Stone Temple craft beers wasn’t bad while they lasted, wonder if in our lifetimes anyone else will be so creative as Phanna?


if you do come to lb holla!! i would like to meet the man who’s enabled me to be such an asshole on kl.


in long beach they import angkor beer from cambodia.


I haven’t been to LBC in awhile. There was this place I believe was off Anaheim? Siem Riep? I just remember driving down a freeway maybe something 20? Exit Atlantic go down Atlantic til you hit Anaheim and bust a left.


Phnom Penh Noodle shack is the business but parking is not easy, so Little La Lune always becomes an alternative, lol. I love Long Beach Thai too.


Crystal Thai. Crystal Thai.


yea crystal thai is pretty good too, i eat there sometimes. i dont really like phnom penh noodle shack lol. i havent had noodles since i left cambodia. no place does it better