🎬 Favorite Films


Samsara (2011)

Matrix (1999)

Apocalypto (2006)


Anything from Naughty America


The only bad ass movie so far this year! Waiting for Sicario: 2



hell yea.most of his old movies were good. dances with wolves was good too


I don’t have any favorite films. I have a terrible time paying attention


I’m obsessed with romance films that are about star-crossed lovers. This one here has to be one of my favorites
“Sunset at Chaophraya” or “Khu Kam”

It’s based on a novel and there has been many adaptations of it.


I guess I’m lame. I hardly watch movies/films. The last movie I saw was “Ready Player One”. Only because I was in an aeroplane.


Released this month. Gotta love the hood thrillers!



Replicas with Keanu was best scifi flick this year so far.