Fake News in America


LOL why are liberals and demorats so hurt that trump met with kim? they seemed to love north korea during the olympics why the sudden change of heart?


There’s people who can’t get over the fact that Hilary lost.


NK since 1953 is indeed one of Americawood’s many, many fabrications:

NK really is just a US boogeyman stageshow to eventually spread NWO into all of Asia - Mongolia, Russia, China down to Cambodia - via more nuclear false flags.


lol…ive never seen anything like it in all my years. the bitterness ppl go about with in their daily lives. ive never seen a more miserable bunch of ppl haha. like literally they wake up everyday trying to discredit him in some shape or form and gets mad when it backfires. like they still dont get how trump won the election thats how confused they are. they actually can’t comprehend that people dont trust the media anymore. rofl


A few points.

You’re oversimplifying and likely because you have a strong bias against the left. In most reports that I’ve read, people aren’t “hurt that trump met with kim”, but rather are questioning what the United States got out of the meeting, and what they had to give up in order to get it. These are perfectly valid geopolitical questions. I’ve heard some social commentary that people are upset about the American and North Korean flags standing side by side and the symbolism behind that despite all the atrocities committed by the NK regime, but that’s coming from folks on both the left and the right.

I’d say that most people who are center-left or liberals have a sense of cautious or even skeptical optimism regarding the meeting and what’s to come of it. The North Koreans have pledged time and time again to denuclearize and time and time again that’s turned out to be complete and utter bullshit. So do I think anything tangible came out of a meeting between a self-admittedly ill-prepared Trump and Kim that did not include the Chinese, Russians, South Koreans or Japanese? Most definitely not. And if you do, then shit, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

That’s point number one. Number two is that if there’s any hypocrisy or flip flopping going around regarding attitudes about a meeting between an American president and the leader of North Korea, it would be best demonstrated by Republicans and the political right who criticized Obama like a mofo over the mere suggestion that he would be willing to meet with North Korea without preconditions, yet grovel at Trump’s feet the minute he does exactly that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1lougu_nis

And finally, things aren’t fake just because you don’t like it. Trump has fooled so many people, to his benefit, into thinking that any negative coverage of him = FAKE NEWS!!! and positive coverage = SIMPLE FACTS! This is sadly working because people are lazy af these days. Nobody cares to read anymore. They prefer to isolate themselves in echo chambers where they get to hear exactly what they want to hear in order to reinforce their own beliefs because reading and exposing yourself to different viewpoints and possibilities, and then coming up with your own thoughts instead of regurgitating someone else’s ain’t easy peasy - it actually requires some effort.

Case in point. I logged into facebook for the first time in years the other day and it’s become a damn cesspool of misinformation. Honestly if anybody’s getting their news from facebook these days then they are completely out to lunch. My feed was filled with lazy ass political memes that are clearly pushing one agenda over another with a blatant disregard for accuracy, but are seemingly effective because they appeal to the lazy individual.

Quality news still exists. Articles that actually report on events that occurred. Learn to distinguish between opinions/editorials/commentaries and news articles. What a revolutionary idea.


you didnt answer the question really. when he called trump a dotard they loved him. during the winter olympics they was riding his nuts. now they are hurt cause he signed a treaty. you seem really hurt by this timeline and it shows in your writing. i only wrote two sentences and you failed to answer my question


i understand you are hurt by this trump and kim meeting please elaborate on how it hurt you



lmao nkorea know trump aint playing. mattis already done said if nkorea wants it nkorea can get it. kim jong un done his homework and knows about mad dog. he dont want none



My cousin posted that on his FB. He’s from the military, so I found his meme hilarious.


lmao good ol facebook. i been deactivated mines. always trying to shove their liberal content down my throat


Now Heather Locklear ‘looking for a gun to kill herself’ - Americawood PSYOPs galore.


rofl the only reason why trump got so much hate was that he was calling out mexicans for cutting in line. millions of ppl apply to come to America but they cutting in line. then when he calls them out on it they try to frame him as a racist. then all these butt hurt ppl like this seyha dood trying to talk smack about trump but too stupid to even realize hes just another libtard


Can you explain to me which part of my post you take issue with?

And as a followup: how do you define libtard and why do you think that I’m a libtard?


stay hurt libtard. #MAGA



riveting stuff. I cant wait for trump to clean house. bich ass dumbocrats tyna keep everyone on the welfare plantation and importing votes from mexico. i cant wait for 2020 so i can tap dance on live television screaming viva la trump you putos.