Exercise, food and health


So I work upwards to 90 hours a week not by choice and just recently, I changed my eating habits by eating food cooked at home as opposed to grabbing a quick bite here and there at fast food/restaurants. I’ve noticed that my energy levels has increased tremendously. What is in quick food that make the energy not sustainable over a period of hours or days and why can I run on few hours of sleep when I make my own food? Is it germs in the handling of food or am I just putting more calories in me in general?


That’s the thing with fast food, you don’t know what is in it. Most likely it’s sugar. At home, you may or may not put a lot of sugar but in fast food, everything has a lot of salts and sugars.


Usually carbs and process food drains your energy. Cooking at home using fresh ingredients tend to give you sustainable energy all day. It’s a no brainer also the amount of exercise you do that day will factor into how energize you are.