Do you shoot? What do you shoot?


How many people here do photography or are interested in photography but don’t know where to start? I’m not a professional but a hobbyist and I’m able to help (and others here) answer questions if you want to get into photography. If you’re do photography, what do you shoot and why? I shoot with a Nikon D750 (FX), Nikon D90(Crop) and a Minolta SLR(Film). Why Nikon? Because I grew up poor and wanted something that I could grow with because Nikon’s DSLR could use older SLR lenses. Hence, you could get FX low F stop lens for dirt cheap!


Here are some samples of my photos:





I used to be into photography and editing but gave it up since I had my daughter. The only camera I still carry around is either from my phone or my light weight Canon sl1.


That’s awesome! You should get back into it! Canon came out with a full frame mirrorless and it look promising. It should be lighter than your SL1.


Yes, I read about it! I’m pretty stoked to see the upcoming reviews!


For $2,300 (body only), it’s an expensive mid-level camera. For that much I would rather get the Sony A7iii for $2,000. I’m waiting for another year or two to see if there’s any upgrade to the Nikon’s mirrorless.


i finally broke down and got an i6 (my 1st iphone) weeks ago and never even took a pic y wit it, yet!

remember all the lengthy threads about DSLR by Thai/Thy and the gang but still have yet to invest in a camera, ever!

kudos to yall who do, tho. to me it would be redundant like being in a videogame and taking screenshots then framing them within the videogame… or the movie SEARCHING…. seriously.



Nice long exposure, what do you shoot?


Iphones take really great photos!


Love the pics…especially the ones with the focus.