Disorders of the yadda yadda


All this time when the shrink said I had Schizoaffective disorder I had no idea what it really meant. NYGH clarified to board members that I have symptoms of both sschizophrenia and bi-polar. Fuck you doe.

im pretty sure my label partner has the same thing.


When I was working at the Italian Bakery I was off my meds for 6 months and my “psychic/mind reading” was going haywire.

I kept hearing things suggesting that

  • certain people think im titus
  • the world has a recorder
  • the whole world has been looking for me
    and a bunch of other shit


Please take your meds


LOL I am on my medz. I think I was doing better off medz. But now i can put hit orders on dz to lessen negative side effects so its not too bad.


chemtrails aint helpin