Describe your typical weekday!


Describe a typical weekday for you when you have daily responsibilities like work or school (bum lifestyles are welcome too lol).

7:00AM – Wake up to check the time & sleep in a few more minutes lol

7:15AM – Wake up and change into workout clothes

7:25AM – Go downstairs to water plants and admire them

7:30AM – Walk and then jog around the community

8:00AM – Take a shower & get ready for work

8:30AM – Eat breakfast and respond to text messages from friends; check emails; browse the internet on my phone.

9:00AM – Commute to work

9:30AM - 6:30PM - Work, work, work, work, work…

6:35-7:00PM – Commute home

7:00-8:30PM – Cook dinner & eat

8:30-9:00PM – Clean up

9:00-9:30PM – Watch TV with the hubby (might stay up til 11pm if a show is really good lol)

9:30-10:00PM – Shower time & get ready for bed

What does your daily schedule look like?


This was my morning
7:00 AM Went to the CVS off PCH picked up an 18 pack of budweiser.
7:30 AM went to MY LE picked up some of them viet sandwiches
8:00AM went home fed snowy some sandwiches and drank some beer for the next 3 hours
11:00AM went to blackbear diner had lunch
12:00 went home hit up the homies. niggas at work so im drinking some more beer
1:00 PM watched a movie
2:00 PM login to khmer life


Wake around 6am to take a long piss while reflecting on if any dreams were memorable
Brush teeth sip coffee check ebay for orders; dang someone bought all available aquarium/pond plants again, sheesh
Bot jerng tom tom, shower
Feed pets, fish then water outdoor plants for about an hour
Collect orders, weigh, print lotsa labels, care sheets, etc, tape, load in suv and drop at post office or fedex/ups
Stop at home depot, lowes, etc if anything needed
Grab khmer spring roll or similar light lunch at Star, Riverside, Doung Mai, etc and have it with a beer
Watch Stargate on Comet at 3pm
Go out at 4pm to weed, transplant etc
Come in around 7pm have korean or jap with available housemate for dinner, usually with sake or gin
Then water again till like 10pm
Come in, wash face, or shower depending on how muddy/dirty, brush teeth, piss
Around 11 check dailymotion for Humans, The 100, or similar sci-fi current series and usually fall asleep during like first 10mins
Wake back up by 2am to realize left lights on, door open, etc
Go back to sleep and repeat next day, Godwilling!


Your day sounds so chill. I will have days like that after I’m 70 lol


So detailed. You are a very productive person! I am so like you at night. I would fall asleep for a couple of hours and wake up in the middle of the night to tun off my media player or close the window. I am a light sleeper so it takes awhile for me to go back to sleep. I don’t like Fridays because I go into work earlier and I always wind up feeling groggy afterwards.


nah its just for this month since i am in transition between classes. fall semester starts in august so i have all of june.then soar in july but its like one day, i aint got shit else to do but get drunk walk the dog. lol i been trying to play some wow but i realized man this shit aint fun like it used to be.


Since moved to Cali like 5 yrs ago I check indeed & monster weekly but never seen any interesting jobs so just hustle on my own to keep bills paid until/if something comes up… kudos to y’all who have a regular job & steady pay n maybe even a guaranteed pension the American way :+1:


what did you major in college? im going for psychology. i figured i needed to really make an effort into understanding why i do what i do. so far so good i like it alot. i feel like i might even go for my masters in clinical research or something. i went ham on my term paper. prof gave me a B on it. not bad for a thug


I graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from CSULB. I wanted to be a news anchor but didn’t want to have that constant pressure of being on camera and not live a normal lifestyle - I just loved writing lol. I am now pursuing another career path that isn’t so high maintenance but is still fulfilling. Good luck with your future. I’m glad psychology is working out for you. What career do you see yourself in?


anything really. i am pretty good with my hands. im no slouch in math or science either. just fuckin around with psychology to see if i can actually understand my malfunction. i really feel like my issues is all mental i just cant figure it out yet. they said never self diagnose but ever since i got into psychology i stopped being so depressed. like it helped me cope with not being near my son or knowing how he is. became more patient and understanding. i still pop off but i dont get as bad as before lol


haha damn u my senior by 6 years. i have 2 years left before i get my bachelors. but after spending 3 years at LBCC im so fuckin ready to be over with it. like i literally see nothing stopping me now. like i was always confident of like my instincts but after that bs divorce i realized no ones perfect had to fuckin take an L and let my lil boi go.


6:30 Wake up. Wake boyfriend up so he could get ready for work. Go back to sleep.
7:30 Get up. Get ready for work. Get baby up and then get her ready.
8:30 Take baby to her grandma’s. If there’s time, we eat breakfast there.
9:30 Workkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2:30 One hour lunch break
3:30 Workkkkkkkk some more
6:00 Off from work. Pick baby up. Get home and shower. Give baby bath.
8:00 Dinner. Either bf cooks, we cook together, or take out.
10:00 Relax. Put baby to sleep. Chill.
12:00 knock out


I don’t have any weak days. All my days are strong


Touché my friend. Touché.


What? Nobody has time for this anymore?!

I was hoping maybe…just maybe yall sex life is better than mine. Guess not. :sleeping:


0130 Wake up and do hygiene stuff
0200 20 minute bike ride for 5 miles in the dark on a paved trail to get my blood flowing
0230 Come home, quick shower and leave for work
0300 Unlock building, take down alarms, review my daily schedule to plan; read emails
0700 Pass off leadership responsibilities to the next leader
0800 First cup of coffee, review schedule
0830 Bowl of soup
0900 Meeting
1030 Plan for the next day
1130 Depart for the day
1200 Wander aimlessly at the grocery store (Daily routine)
1300 Turn on Xbox and blast some fools for 30 minutes
1330 Call up the wife
1400 Read daily mugshots to make sure no one that works for me is arrested
1430 Find some lunch
1500 Memory lapse from old age
1730 Find some dinner
1800 Shower
1830 Sleep
2200 Wake up in the middle of the night and count how many hours left before work