Decline of forums


Back in the old KL Ivan used to say how boring or dead this place was becoming. This is a worldwide phenomenon. Many forums are dying or having phases of boredom. A lot of people blame social media for the demise of forums, but the two work differently.

I notice the forums that are still active and/or most active either have a lot of politics involved or they have toxicity in them. It’s as if its assisting in the dumbing down of society. Because I see a lot of stuff that isn’t organic.

Do you just come here or another forum out of boredom? What type of things are interesting to people now?


Instant Status/Gratification seems, like esp Cars, Iphones, Junk/Chain Food, Porn, Gaming, Casinos, and just spending beyond their means, in general.


i woinder how ivan is doing i kinda feel bad now for saying all those things. i really had a potty mouth back then


i were to sit here and think i could name like several people on khmerlife i got into arguments with for no fucking reason lol. i wonder if they are upset with me still. i know me and borossit went at it once. LOL and i cannot remember the reason why. LOL


I go to Reddit for forum discussions. My mind drifts off to different topics and that site has everything. What I enjoy most is reading the different responses. This site doesn’t have enough people for that. It’s okay, I believe in khmerlife still :grimacing:


i want to find a spanish language forum but i do not want to register. i can read and write spanish but i cannot speak it

soy cambodiano . tengo 37 anos . he viviendo en America por 34 anos. viajaria a cambodia si yo he dinero

yo aprendiria a escribir en cambodian


In my honest opinion, a forum should be built on a core foundation of commonality, reeling those who share the similar background, values, ideas and other bullshit stuff you think of. A forum is a forum. Differences in opinion is also a commonality.

When I find and join random forums, I see how some of these forums fail. I think their problems are not based on any set rules. All shit goes out like Lord of the Flies book and no one gives a rats ass what is posted. When they stray away from what the core values of what the forum was intended for, all shit goes downhill. I don’t have kids, but it’s like parenting. In other words, I believe there should be some kind of regulation.

Back in the day, Ivan was just being emotional like he naturally was. I will give it to him, because I think he intentionally provoked some things in order to keep the forums going. He sparked conversations. But this is not what I was trying to point out. I am sure there are people who are like him and they are afraid to speak out.

The question is - how do you reeel the newbies in? Who is our target? Are we trying to get Cambodian-Americans? How about putting some features on this site that will also cater to Cambodian-Canadians, French-Cambodians, Australians and other areas? It appears that there need to be some kind of direction.

I am okay with topics like “What is your favorite song?” and i enjoy music and I will contribute to this particular topic, but holy fucking shit, it’s all I see. How about we initiate some kind of dialogue amongst us all? Something that is serious? But while at the same time, monitor the posts that would derail the topic because it is so demeaning towards the Khmer culture.

Just my two cents.

I am glad that thtere are Khmers on here, because you all share the same blood :slight_smile:


ivan had a big ass nose and was acting like a bich ass nigga and he got served. what else do u wanna say about that clown. ill fuck his bich anyday of the week


alas, current generation are on a totally different jacked up dazed yet emo wavelength that is fully Facebook-driven.