Current Status Update


well the degree can be viewed in two ways as liberal arts degree which or a preprofessional one. im going to try and use it for both. i plan on taking intermediate statistics if they offer it over the summer. counselor said its intermittent based off how many people want to take it. i figure im the only one lulz. but yea psychology is what you make of it. i dont mind the reading or the writing obviously. i can write for days. matter of fact i just turned in a personal narrative 100 words over. i can sit here and spit all day. its a natural talent.


so lala u want to go into education huh? im not going to lie my counselor at csulb was very attractive and she was khmer also. lol my appointment was for 30 mins i stayed for over an hour LOLOLOL. i didnt wanna leave


That’s so cool! I’m glad to hear that there’s a khmer counselor! I wish she was there when I attended the school lol. Maybe you could set up another appointment with her? :laughing:


no it would be so inappropriate hahahaha but i have to admit i was smitten.


yea she said when she saw my name she was pretty sure i was khmer but it wasn’t until we got to talking a little bit and traded formalities she really got to know who i was. LOL needless to say we hada a great time.I’m really glad she reached out to me and i set up an appt with her. something about people being comfortable around other khmer people made it easy for us to just talk and for me to say what things i liked or didnt like. made choosing classes fun and I highly encourage you to pursue this career.


Plugged in my phone to charge again. It jumped from 0% to 70% in under 10 seconds.


video it! i want proof.