Current Status Update


well the degree can be viewed in two ways as liberal arts degree which or a preprofessional one. im going to try and use it for both. i plan on taking intermediate statistics if they offer it over the summer. counselor said its intermittent based off how many people want to take it. i figure im the only one lulz. but yea psychology is what you make of it. i dont mind the reading or the writing obviously. i can write for days. matter of fact i just turned in a personal narrative 100 words over. i can sit here and spit all day. its a natural talent.


so lala u want to go into education huh? im not going to lie my counselor at csulb was very attractive and she was khmer also. lol my appointment was for 30 mins i stayed for over an hour LOLOLOL. i didnt wanna leave


That’s so cool! I’m glad to hear that there’s a khmer counselor! I wish she was there when I attended the school lol. Maybe you could set up another appointment with her? :laughing:


no it would be so inappropriate hahahaha but i have to admit i was smitten.


yea she said when she saw my name she was pretty sure i was khmer but it wasn’t until we got to talking a little bit and traded formalities she really got to know who i was. LOL needless to say we hada a great time.I’m really glad she reached out to me and i set up an appt with her. something about people being comfortable around other khmer people made it easy for us to just talk and for me to say what things i liked or didnt like. made choosing classes fun and I highly encourage you to pursue this career.


Plugged in my phone to charge again. It jumped from 0% to 70% in under 10 seconds.


video it! i want proof.


Taking a break from studying Principles of Management. And tryna block my sons voice. he is singing that song over and over,

baby sharky doo doo… mommaa sharky doo doo…


principles of management? sounds like advanced shit


schools a bummer man. i wish i was more schoolboyish but i love to drink beer.


haha yea my kid is a big hit with the ladies. i showed a mexican chick a video of my son with poop everywhere. i think i grossed her out kinda but she didnt mind i dont think, lol the other girl chinese kinda dug it. HAHAHAHA


Spent 3 hours backing up media on to hard drives. Ran Bootcamp on my OSX and it wouldn’t boot up and had to do a reinstall. Thought I lost everything but things went as planned with the new Mojave update. Out with the old and in with the new :slight_smile:


lmao 3 hours lol time for a nap. i been beat bro schools picking up heading into finals now after midterms. Shit’s hectic they really like to just keep you busy in college


Been chillin with the Native/White girl now. Brought her over twice to my house but I haven’t made a move yet. She told me that the other White chick thought I was moving too fast, probably why she was ignoring me. But that chick was touching me and had her hands around me since day one. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I have moved on though.

Here’s a pic of us. We posted this pic to Instagram and got offered a Brand Rep opportunity with a men’s jewelry company. We will see how that goes.


shes cute. better hold on to that playa.


My girl is 100%…


lmao when you say native american are you talking like elizabeth warren native or she really from that life?


You’re pretty much cousins :open_mouth:


We went to the bar Wednesday and casino tonite.


This be #Zenlee aka #RapGame