Current Status Update


Tell us how your day went, what you’re currently doing or what you’re about to do. We’re curious minds.



u wanna know what the fuck im doing. psychology of women HAHAHA fuckin shit is not what i thought it would be


It was my first day of work at my new job today. There were so many ass kissers.


How is it then? What are you learning?


i dont know learning anything worth mentioning but i will say that my tolerance for bullshit has got up another notch


if anything i learned that psychology isnt what i expected it to be or maybe i am out of touch with reality. i think perhaps the latter. the field itself is so large i feel somewhat intimidated. i dont know where i want to plant my feet


typical question ive come to expect:

This chapter argues that research is always shaped by the social context in which it takes place. What are some ways in which the social context that exists now, in your own time and place, may be affecting research on women and gender?

stuff that i never ever gave a shit about now i spend hours dissecting and reading. its not what i expected because not only do i have to find a balance between integrity and honesty in answering these question i also have to be honest with myself.


enough about me though how was your first day at work. feel free to be specific like names and date of birth


Doing the usual adult things, saving the world, no big deal.


u said u a nurse right? just in case i get sick or something u know we should exchange numbers


I’m an insurance agent so you’ll have to go through me to get to her


HAHAHAHA noooo i dont want no smoke.


Cool thing about this job Is I can read all the books I want because it’s so daymm boring here…
Any books yall might be interested in? Check this out


Lol! Gotta put your thinking cap on. I’m going back to school too! I’ve enrolled in one class just to see how it is, and I gotta tell you…it’s hard! So much readings. :sob:
I’m not sure how I’m going to balance all of this with work and mommy duties.


do it LALA! we can be classmates :slight_smile:


@LaLa What are you trying to go back to school for? @Polin are you planning to stay in school or the next 4-5 years? Because with a Psychology degree, you won’t be able to do much with a Bachelor, you’ll need your graduate degree. I’m currently studying for my GRE, I’m already accepted to a few schools (due to GPA), the GRE is a formality.


nah i plan on working after my bachelors


MFA in education. What are you pursuing?


@LaLa I’m doing MHA and @Polin, What are you trying to do? I’m not trying to bash you or anything, just want to make you aware that bachelor’s in psychology won’t get you far in the field. Unless you just want it as a degree and want to pursue something else.