CSULB Khmer Students


Any CSULB students here? I am registered for the fall and I was looking to meet up with fellow khmers that go to school here. They sell beer on campus. 2 drink limit though HAHAHAHAA. I would be getting fucked up at the nugget bet if it wasnt for that shit. but yea holla at your boi. I got two years of school left and im trying to really make the most out of it. I didnt get a chance to experience high school. lmao so im hopin to make up for it in college. which means making new friends. lol im down to form a dota 2 team. UC irvine has like an esports team. I know damn well theres cambodians out here that play dota 2. i am a techies god.


Dude, you’re asking a website that has about less than ten active users and out of the 10, I doubt they even attend csulb lol! You might have a better luck if you join a csulb group on Facebook.


People still use fb? ahaha fuck that shit. im good i prefer jus meeting ppl the old fashioned way in person.


KL is hanging on by a thread but I like it that way.


Keep in touch with classmates. Now a days, you gotta learn how to network with people. I’ve kept in touch with a few friends from CSULB, and some of them are doing pretty damn well as a graphic designer/artist.


yea i see you have a point there. maybe in a few years ill have changed my mind on fb but i never really was a big fan of it. Maybe ill meet some people during these last two years of college that will change my mind.


It depends on where you’re trying to head out in life. As for being an artist, some of us have to advertise ourselves and our works. Online is a great tool to do so.


yea i never was good at networking maybe thats why no one knows who i am lol


quick question did you have your whole 2 years planned on or did you just sort of it wing it semester by semester taking whatever classes you felt like at the time? I only picked classes for the fall semester. honestly there are so many options I really havent decided what route I should go for in psychology.


From what I recall, I try to go by the curriculum and just took whatever classes that are required and available for the semester (of course I gotta look up the professors too). I tried to balance it out by taking two hard classes along with another two or three easier ones.


righto ill keep that in mind next semester. i didnt go too hard yet, im takin 12 units just to see how it is. nothing crazy. i havent had a lot of time to myself this past summer. been running myself ragged between school and my dog. he fell ill recently and its been a nightmare.


the japanese garden is the best part of campus aside from the $50/yr nano plots.


i havent seen the garden yet. even though i been on campus several times


i tend to stop by Thursdays as their Japanese hostess that day (miss Mariko) is nice and generous with the koi food!


lol i reactivated my fb got me thinking about that networking thing. it might come in handy while in college