Creeper status has no age


I went to Tea Station during my break and decided to sit outside to enjoy my green milk tea outside of the boba shop (where they had tables and chairs laid out).

Anyway, I was sitting there daydreaming about something when I noticed someone staring at me. It was a man who appeared to be 1000 years old look at me without blinking, while he was walking his bike. He was creepy as heck.

I found it kind of funny, so I tried to hold in my laugh. I turned away and he walked closer and closer until he was about a few inches a way from me. He starred at me. He looked like a bum, but he didn’t ask me for money. He. just. took a loooong stare at me.

That’s when I got super uncomfortable and grabbed my purse and left.



I’m not sure how to respond to that.