Confessions of a KL’er


Mere sight of its fresh leaves and can hardly wait to make some pong jien saom!



only herb im interested in growing is the kind you smoke. i figure when i get old like 60ish ill take up gardening fool time as a hobby.


Just stopped at Riverside mart to grab some shrimp spring rolls and noticed most all the plants they had available on Saturday are already GONE in just one day! Like all they had left was a $100 kantout tree and one that I thought was angkea-dei but the cashier girl explained it’s M’lop (?) and only good to use in Pahok, not nom banchok nor somlaw kako, etc Will have to look that up later…
Would be nice if they had GACHA for sale (for ktiew/pho, of course) some day in the future, too!



that purple urkel haha nice.



smokin on some og kush right now.


shotgun a beer after smoking that bich


jom… how does Riverside supermart get new plants so quickly? today they had a little Krasang tree for just $25! will plant it later for now just looking up info how tall/wide it will eventually get and what its good for…