Confessions of a KL’er


Tell us your deepest and darkest secret. I’ll go first and if my parents or relatives ever find out, they would call me Ah Kheng for life.

I’m not fond of eating Pad Thai or fried noodles. The grease just turns me off and granted my family makes plenty of it, I take a few bites and load the rest up in a shopping bag and discard it while everyone is sleeping.


HAHAHA i do that sometimes with food i dont like.


more like ah khcheah khchay


most every spring my housemates are disgusted with the ritual smell of a truckload of AICH KOH for growing better veggies… but i love it! u know, that smell of srok khmai or while driving cross country pastures… and miss that it goes away within just a couple days :cry:


I used to LOVE my mom’s cooking growing up. I still do, but ever since I moved out 5 years ago, I’ve learned to cook my favorite food. It’s funny because when I lived at home and cooked occasionally, I hated my own cooking and would never eat it. Now, I prefer my own cooking than my mom’s, especially when she makes my favorite foods. Actually, there are still a few things I can’t make better or replicate and that’s mam lahong and beef jerky lol :joy:


I forgot you love gardening! I’ve picked up gardening a few weeks ago and find it to be very therapeutic. I’ve had a cat problem recently and I’m not sure how to fix it and would appreciate your advice. I bought three different flowers (two of each) to plant in front of my porch, but my neighbor’s cat keeps sleeping on parts of the flowers, resulting them to whither away and die. I don’t want to place barbed wires around my flowers and I would probably be fined because I live in an HOA community but the cat stresses me out! I don’t like cats and find them to be very burdensome.


Last month my homie asked why don’t you grow flowers or anything that smells pretty like Jasmine… so days ago I picked some up and put them in the ground; looking forward to first blooms as its embarrassing i dont even know what fresh pka mles smells like… jasmine rice? hopefully better!

Suppose you could incorporate some cat-repelling plants like lemongrass, citronella, lavender, lemon thyme that are usually easy to find at Armstrong or whatever neighborhood nursery like Lowes or HD. There’s also solar and battery-op gizmos available to stake in areas to try and repel kitties.


Thanks for the ideas! I’m going to order the solar stakes soon. I was thinking of buying them before, but I wanted to space out my purchases wisely. Speaking of Jasmine flowers, I’m not sure which Jasmine species this is, but I think it’s the grandiflorum and I can’t get it for the life of me to bloom correctly in my backyard. When I first bought it from Home Depot there were a couple of white flowers in bloom. Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks, the leaves have turned yellow and the flower buds have turned brown and won’t bloom anymore. I’m not sure what happened since I’ve been watering it from the directions given - 3 times a week. I’ve also recently added ground coffee and crushed egg shells into the soil (something I’ve picked up from Pinterest) to give it more nutrients and some leaves have returned back to vibrant green but not all. Some are still subtle yellow :disappointed:


It may need few more weeks or even few more months to settle and bloom when happy, the only jasmines i found round here were both night blooming types (‘Jessamine’ and Arabian) so i’m still scouting for day blooming fragrant plants and/or fruit trees… one vietnamese neighbor gave me a grapefruit tree and just weeks ago one khmai neighbor gave me another grapefruit tree that they both grew from tiny seeds so am watering lots and holding my breath in hopes they dont die with all this scorching sun and no shade.


I have another type in my backyard, the Madagascar Jasmine - that one is doing well and blooming fine. It opens up in the daytime too and I see new leaves every other day and it’s super fragrant (it’s not dainty like most Jasmine flowers). This Jasmine species climbs, so I wrapped it around the canopy swing in my backyard. I’m going to take a photo and show you what it looks like when I get home. I bought this one from Lowe’s.

I wish I could grow some fruit trees like you! My backyard is 100% concrete. Let me know how the grapefruit tree is doing. I am actually scared to grow plants from seeds because I have little patience and want to see them bloom quickly lol. I usually buy plants that have grown 6"-1’ in height. I think guava trees or plum trees yield fragrant fruits when in bloom. Did you try planting those? I want to plant a jujube tree or cherry plum tree, but I am afraid that it would require more root room than 24"-36" pot would allow it.


Theres lots of dwarf trees now that can be grown in containers on your patio or concrete.

So far I don’t have much luck with anything besides 100s of cacti/succulents and dozens of italian cypress - nothing to smell nor eat from those, though. Hardly any fruits yet besides these citrus: lemon, lime, tangerine.

Part of me wants to strive for this:

But the other half says you cant eat any of it like this:

Anyways this year I put in a Persimmon and a Kaffir Lime plus the grapefruits and am working at a whole lot more but fruit trees are so expensive that its hard to buy more than one or two at a time. Oh and i recently put in a yellow Magnolia champaca (Champak) then heard that the white (M champaca alba) is even more fragrant so I will probably get that soon too.

Am praying over 100 M’rum seeds in tiny pots right now and so far can only see a few seedlings breaking the surface. Hoping they will make it and grow tall fast providing some much needed shade; besides Moringa is the latest superfood health craze.

Often scour all the khmai supermarts along Anaheim hoping to find Sa-om and Ankea-dei trees but so far only seen what looks like baby kantout =L


Oh! Man, your backyard seems huge! I’m jealous you get to plant all these wonderful trees and plants. Where do you go to find Khmer fruit plants? I want a makok or kathout tree so bad. I think I’m going to settle for a dawrf peach tree from Lowe’s. I like to pickle the fruits when they’re small and eat them with salt and chili dip lol. How big did your Persimmon tree grow up to be so far - were they from seeds? I’m trying to look for a good Kaffir lime leaf plant too but haven’t had any luck at the Long Beach stores. Oh here is my Madagascar Jasmine that I picked up from Lowe’s a few weeks ago! :heart_eyes:


Oh wow, saat nah Jas. When i moved out here a few years ago I was also looking in Bixby Knolls area (like i think u were at a point?) but the deals I found would most always be backed up to a like a trailer park that seemed to have a colony of midgets parading around in RVs!

So settled instead for Signal Hill area a brisk walk from Hilltop Park. Non-HOA 1/4 acre lot but maybe half of it is house & concrete driveway, walkways, etc.

A little khmer mart next to Monorom’s used to sell the most khmer plants but they sold the store few years ago before got a chance to buy anything from them, so now only Riverside mart seems to carry some these days; nowhere else that know of in LB.

Hoping to find some yuon stores in Westminster/OC area that have more asian plants than can be found in LB.

Armstrong had one mango tree left the other day, but it was like $80 with only like 5 leaves so passed on getting that. Lowes (Towne Ctr) has M’rum trees but they’re like $42 each.

My kaffir and persimmon are wee small with few leaves and were still pricy. Plus its a shame with the chemtrails radiation & smog, alot of plants die off… so usa gardening has become ‘survival of the fittest’ in these shady times.


Oh you’re right! I forgot about Westminster area. I know they have a lot of Asian plants near Asian Garden Mall. I need to go there this weekend then. I actually have my first annual HOA membership meeting this Saturday. I am trying to get on the board and eventually become president lol - we’ll see how that does. I’ll probably go right after my meeting.

I didn’t know you used to live in Bixby Knolls! I used to work at the museum there. I don’t think that story with the colony of midgets is true. I think it was a myth or something that my volunteers at the museum used to tell me. But then again, I didn’t know too much about the history of Bixby Knolls all that much.

I actually have a few plant nurseries in my area, so I’ll be sure to check them out and let you know that I find. I want to collect all of the super fragrant flowers like gardenias in my backyard garden lol.

$80 is standard for trees nowadays. I wanted to this fiddle leaf tree at Lowe’s for my living room and it was about that price too. I settled for buying it at Home Goods instead lol I would love to see what your garden looks like :heart_eyes:


I confess… it’s true. I enjoy building gundam


I personally like tiny house plants that add aesthetic appeal. That in itself is strange considering I’m currently living in my car.



Why would you want a Donald Trump chia pet? That’s just weird to me lol I have a variation of different plants throughout my house and outside my house. I have a mix of real and faux plants too. I am sorry to hear that you are living out of your car - you must love traveling? Well if not, I hope your situation gets better. Best wishes.


Spent past 2 hours drivin round Lil Saigon / AGMall area rubber-necking (thru all that awful OC traffic) for yuon produce marts but none had any plants for sale outside… Except Thai-Son (8922 Bolsa Ave) near ABC; picked these up have no idea what most are but was $27 total…then stopped at lowes huntington bch they have $20 peach trees in clearance sec along with small pomegranate trees… so all in all, now I appreciate riverside mart’s selection of exotic Asian plants in LB compared to so little for so many crowded overpriced strip malls in Lil Hanoi =/


Suriya became my everyday man crush ever since I laid eyes on him.


LOLOL i used to get on that guy so hard. i hope he doesn’t hold a grudge against me haha