Colombian Food in Long Beach


I went to my first colombian restaurant today. the food was amazin. im definitely going back again. if anyone is curious its called el paisa on orange ave in long beach


we made empanadas the other day and i was thinking LB didn’t have any sort of colombian or south american rests, so glad now to hear it does.
tried callaloo kitchen (trini/caribbean restaurant on anaheim) a few times and was surprised each time to see their hostess (Narin?) is khmai :+1:


haha this joint was straight colombian. you wouldn’t expect it to look like it does from the outside but once you get inside its like ok. i had a meat platter and a heineken. not gona lie was about to go back later tonight and see how their seafood hits.


shit was banging. they served it with a slice of avocado. snowy was in love with life when i brought home a doggy bag.


yea i decided im tired of eating the same old shit. im jus going to eat every type of food i can get my hands on and jus go hard this year lol. i saw a brazilian steakhouse that my sister told me about she said it was absolutely delicious that im gonna try out. yall should hmu if ur interested haha we can make a little kl foodie group