CNRP eliminated, Cambodia now Communist!


Now that CNRP bas been eliminated in time for Hun Sen’s 40 year one-party ‘election’ renewal (world’s longer ruling, PM since 1979), Cambodia’s faith may be sealed as one of Earth’s 10 Commie parties that NWO will take out with Hun Sen being ‘just another’ Saddam, Gadafi, Assad to the Rothschilds.

With US having already genocided nearly half Cambodia’s civilian population those 40 years ago for simply failing in Vietnam, it’s so bloody cruel for it to now again slate Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos to all be wiped out together under such excuse, just like Syria, Yemen, Iran are being today, before NWO takes out China & Russia, too.

Afterall, it ust wants the land - without the people. Hiroshima, Naga, WTC… where will it nuke next?