Check out our new site try to help all Khmer talent across the globe


Chanrith, Thy and I, we are put this website together try to help Khmer talent all over the globe.
Check it out is in beta version for right now. You also can help post as well.


Awesome! I signed up!

I see that there’s an apsara section, what if we don’t look like one :disappointed: will our talent not go recognized? lol or is that section only for models?


Of course Apsara is not just for good looks can be actress or models, dancer, athletic etc… if you find something interesting topic you can post it too, we just have to approve it first before post on the main page.
Thank you


Joined! I’ll be heading to Cambodia next summer, i’ll take a better photo of Angkor Wat for you. Technically, I could go anytime I want, since I live pretty damn close to it.


Awesome, reminds me of lowell’s khmer post… but way better :+1: