Cambodian engineers are launching the Kingdom’s first homegrown laptop



Not bad. I think the branding could be a bit better. I have a vision of a really sick logo for the brand. Flex Graphic design.


In case you were wondering the specs.


i jus want fast internet in cambodia. cant play any esports games like cs:go or dota 2 cause of the latency there.


Intel Celeron processors have come a long way. The 14 nanometer lithography in the N4100 comes close to the 12nm or 10nm technology that comes in mid range and flagship phones in terms of power consumption. That one processor alone runs almost equivalent to the second generation i3-2100 running at 65 watts compared to the laptop’s 6 watt which is roughly the same speed at a 10 % vs power draw. That’s very impressive and nice choice for mainstreaming it powered with an M.2 SSD.

I would buy used Xeon server systems myself if I had the $369 to play around with but my daily driver is over 6 years old but I can see about power consumption and portability in Cambodia.

I’m talking to myself here unless someone wants to chime in.