But I am only human


I know that perfection does not exist, but I am only human. I was engaged for 4 years and 5 months. I didn’t mind being engaged for such a long time, but being that I had so much time to plan my wedding, things still went wrong. I wish I could redo my wedding day all over and fix the things that did not go as planned.

The first was my weight. I had years to lose weight and be close to the same weight of when I met my husband. Nope. I was far from it. I weighed about 14 lbs more on the day of my wedding at 118 lbs on March 24, 2018.

To be frank, I was 125 lbs about 8 months before my wedding. I started losing weight leading up to my bridal shower on February 3rd , 2018, when I was about 114 lbs, all I needed was to lose 10 more lbs. But on February 12th, 2018 my fiancé and I found the house of our dreams and that’s when we started doing paper work and started the escrow process. The stress of finalizing details of our wedding and buying house was REAL. That’s when the weight gain trickled in. I quickly gained the weight that I lost and then some.

The night before my wedding, I checked in the hotel and realized I completely forgot my bag of hygiene products that I prepared earlier. Luckily, one of my bridesmaids and best friend, was staying with me and she said I could use hers.

But after that, more things started to fall apart like:

-I forgot the keychain that had a picture of my grandma and my sister for my wedding bouquet. I told my mom to bring it when she comes to the hotel the next morning (on my wedding day). She did, but she forgot to give it to me.

-The DJ mixed up the files so the wrong image was displayed on the large screen and wrong songs were played during the banquet hour.

-My fiancé gave me the wrong count for his family – so we ended up paying double for a table and had one table empty during the reception.

-The photographers did not take a photo of me giving the gifts to my bridesmaids that I worked so hard to put together.

-The earrings that I originally thought was a good idea, did not do me justice, in fact they broke (I didn’t want to spend a fortune on fancy jewelry).

-I did not like my pre-ceremony hair and makeup (she did a better job for the mockup last October).

-I did not get a chance to clean my engagement ring, so it didn’t look like that nice in photos.

-When my husband and I walked into the reception room, we didn’t walk to the bottom center where our wedding party was waiting for us to take final photo, instead I was shy and stayed close to the big screen facing the DJ instead of our guests.

-We had a few unexpected guests, primarily in my parents table so my mom spent the whole night wandering around without eating dinner.

-We had some people who said they were going to show up, did not show up or gave prior notice (since we already paid for them).

-I should have paid extra for a white dance floor to flow with everything else.

-I should have not rushed thanking our guests and spoke to them longer since some of them traveled from afar.

-I should have asked the photographers to take one large group photo with all our 175+ guests.

-The venue staff mixed up how many chairs to put out for the tables and some had extra.

-They also messed up some of the décor and did not lay them out or set up the way I described.

-The venue staff showcased the wrong set of photos on display for the slide show in the lobby.

-I should have collected the key tag notes that guests left for us, but I forgot and told the venue staff to toss everything out.

I was a little disheartened that things didn’t go as planned. I told my husband last night that I wished we could re-do our wedding day all over. I didn’t like how it all turned out.

He grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead and told me that we should be happy we finally got married after almost 10 years of being together and now we have a house to call a home. He’s right. I forgot to look at the bigger picture. The end result was the most important part. We got our fairy tale ending.


you look lovely my dear. whos da lucky fella


I was 1 of the no show. I’m so sorry. I wanted to be there for your big day but my life took an unexpected turn. Your ceremony looks marvelous!

Did u get a card I sent with Vi?


Thank you bro. He’s my soulmate :B


Don’t worry about it Ti. I know you had some things you had to take care of. Yes, we did we receive the card from Vibol. Thank you. So are you married now too? :B