Blog 1--birthday


It’s my daughter’s birthday today. She’s now seven. Seven years old on the seventh. :sob:


sabai kumnaut to da lil fellow Virgo :+1:

is she already a neat freak / perfectionist like moi, too? facepalm


wheres my invite lala?


Are you a Virgo too? Yes, she’s a neat freak with OCD lol.


No invite Bc you’re going to scare all the kids away


Nice! what did you guys do for her birthday?


Took her out to this trampoline place and invited family + friends. I bought her a bike. Kids are so expensive :sob:


I know where you’re talking about! They normally have groupon for those kinds of stuff. I took my niece and her friends (totaling 4 kids) for a few hours. With groupon, it costed around 60 bucks. It’s also great that you bought a bicycle, because kids need to be active.