Anthony Bourdain


Most people who don’t follow this stuff don’t know. He was a member of a secret society. Looks like his death was a sacrifice.

Bourdain said stuff about Henry Kissinger before on the atrocities he plotted on Cambodia.


Not sure if anyone has the time to follow up, things come in 3 as the writer mentioned Avicii(rest his soul) as being the third after Bourdain and Spade but mentioning Cornell and Bennington without mentioning a third is a lack of editing of this YouTube writer.

Maybe Avicii is the third of both but read up that he didn’t commit suicide but had acute pancreatitis.

I knew a guy that hanged himself as the writer has asked but the many discrepancies in this video doesn’t lead me to believe this video is of any value.


It must be something related to the Harvey Weinstein case. Bourdain’s gf was one of the vicitims and he was supportive with women and the the whole #metoo movement. Kinda fishy for Bourdain to die the way he did and especially right after Weinstein turned himself in.