Acer x27 Predator 144hz


yea i just copy and pasted off my amazon order page. all the stuff is ordered and arriving on firday. all i have to do now is put it together.


its all right althought they dont add the sales tax or anything on the parts picker page. like the monitor went from 1999 to 2210 and cpu also jumped to over 2k after taxes. there is no way in hell after taxes i paid 6,300. i paid about 700 in taxes and fees. this is building the rig myself. there are still parts that im reusing just to keep costs down such as Power supply and RAM


ROFL mad as hell right now. The monitor came in with a dead pixel. my 4k build is no longer 4k


Ya’ll have to much money. Here is mine, nice and simple. That SSD is a must! Curve monitor is overrated.IMG_2274|666x500



yea im jus using my credit card to purchase some stuff i wanted lol. my gi bill covers my daily day to day but after i graduate i have to find a job and get back to being a slave again. it was fun living like a college student these past 3 years though. ive smoked enough weed to put down an elephant i cant complain.


i never subscribed to this idea of curved screen. i might try it one day and see if it aight but my desk is small as fuck so i dont think id like it much. i had to return the 4k monitor right now im sitting at home like damn back to 1080p


i decided to change out my cpu for an amd threadripper.


I say, save your money. Unless you’re a professional gamer or doing movie editing or need 10 software open at the same time, it’s just a waste of money. You’ll never use the full potential of your built. At this point, it’s a want and not a need. Your GI Bill is not going to last forever. I have a basic built and use Photoshop, Lightroom, crypto-mine, and watch video and I’m nowhere using the full potential of my computer. All of this without overclocking anything


oh its definitely a want not a need. but like i said if i can drop 20k on a divorce then i sure as hell can drop 10k on a computer. As far as im concerned no bich is gonna get another dollar out of me.


That’s an awesome monitor. Can’t be beat with its quality, but oh-my-Buddha! There’s no way I am going to be spending over $2,000 on that haha. To each his own, but that’s just me and my frugal ass. A full gaming setup can be done with less $2k and you will still be competitive gaming. Pass.


the colors on the monitor was amazing. Honestly i didnt even feel bad about spending that much on it. it was only when i saw the dead pixel that killed it for me. for 2k u shouldnt have to stare at a dead pixel. after that moment I was kinda bummed out because I had to send it back.


like eveything on that monitor was so much better even porn. im getting depressed just reminiscin about it