Stockton Art Scene: Exhibit created to preserve Cambodian history

Everyone has the right to tell their own story. This past week, the Cambodian Experience gave the community a continued look at Cambodia’s rich culture (a previous version of the exhibit was shown in 2017) through a five-day long exhibit with performances, panels and workshops.

Sophy Reese noted that, “the purpose of the exhibit was to educate the community, to pass down to the next generation. We don’t want our history to be lost.”

She told me that Stockton schools used to teach Khmer (the language spoken in Cambodia) and have Cambodian clubs. Reese said she would like to see students advocate for these opportunities again. Panelist Randy Kim exclaimed, “If we don’t tell our stories someone else will. We can’t wait for a seat at the table.”

The Cambodian Experience built on its 2017 success. This time students gave attendees a tour of the exhibit and Master artist Yary Livan (survivor of the Cambodian genocide and a 2015 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow) led a free two-day design and ceramic workshop making an even greater personal connection with the community than before. Visit https://www.arts.gov/honors/heritage/fellows/yary-livan for more info about Livan and his work.

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