Have you ever wondered how many Cambodian’s lived in the US?

American Southeast Asian Census

Have you ever wondered how many Cambodians lived in the US? We were pretty curious as well so we built an interactive map to show the population density of Southeast Asians across all states and counties. These numbers were taken directly from the 2010 US Census results.

We’re pretty sure there are a lot more than 276,667 Cambodian’s living in the US since 2010 but that’s the total number reported based on the US Census participation at that time. We anticipate building another interactive map for the 2020 US Census once that data is available.

Participation matters and these numbers don’t change once they’re collected and published. Get your 2020 censuses in!

UPDATE: We’ve simplified this map to show the census results by state with Puerto Rico removed. Also, the numbers are updated with 2010 US census reports of single and mixed race. The numbers are much higher than last reported.

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