SLAVERY SMASHER: One former Mountie’s crusade to end sex trafficking in Cambodia

Former Mountie Brian McConaghy has made rescuing victims of the sex trade and human trafficking in Cambodia his mission.

His suffering and fear were palatable.

Hovering in the air were literal vultures ready and willing to pick clean a child’s innocence.

In 23 years with the RCMP as a crime scene specialist, Brian McConaghy thought he’d seen it all.

On his CV of the macabre was investigating Willie Pickton and the gruesome pig farm murders that shocked the country.

But Cambodia and the human trafficking he witnessed changed McConaghy, 56.

“I started going to Cambodia in 1989. By 2008, I was in a bad place and sick of dead people,” McConaghy said of his decision to leave the Mounties.

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