Roselyn Keo: The Sophisticated Hustler [Book]

“The Sophisticated Hustler” is the highly anticipated memoir of Roselyn “Rosie” Keo, the muse for the viral article, “The Hustlers at Scores” written by New York Magazine Staff Writer, Jessica Pressler. This true crime story of greed and the American dream was transformed into a blockbuster movie, “Hustlers” starring Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B., Julia Stiles, and Constance Wu, who played Keo in the movie. The movie proved to be an instant crowd-pleaser, grossing $33 million opening weekend

Keo, a former highly paid exotic dancer and sophisticated entertainer, tells the truth about her story that Hollywood left out. This cautionary tale takes the reader behind the scenes of the Wall Street nightlife in New York City’s most prominent gentlemen’s clubs. From hedge fund managers to corporate CEOs and high-powered attorneys, let Keo take you behind the beaded curtains of the Champagne room.

“…Full of insight, reflection, and personal growth, Rosie has written a tale of survival, excess, and the American Dream…” – LORENE SCAFARIA, Screenwriter and Director, Hustlers Movie

“…there’s no such thing as just a “stripper.” These women are athletes, performers, psychologists, strategists. They are complex human beings navigating a world that is in many ways a heightened version of our own. ” – JESSICA PRESSLER, Author of the New York Magazine article, The Hustlers at Scores


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