Queen’s Deli, heart of Khmer community, closed in September; customers came out to show their love and appreciation

On a cloudy September 12, 2019, on the 11th anniversary of Queen’s Deli opening, the beloved Khmer restaurant closed its doors one last time. To celebrate 11 years of success for the White Center restaurant, community members created a closing day event and promoted the event as much as they could in the days leading up to the event. “A lot of people are actually here because they’ve seen posts on social media and they remember and miss her food. So, they’re trying to get their last chance to have her food at this closing day” said Queen’s Deli owner, Chanthorn Yin.

Yin’s cooking career had a humble beginning in the community. Prior to creating Queen’s Deli, Yin spread her well-loved Khmer cuisine through catering at private events. Eventually, thanks to her husband finding the restaurant space for sale, Yin was able to establish Queen’s Deli. Since then, Yin and another employee would spend every day working hard on duties like cooking, cleaning, cashier work and even deliveries. They were also considerate of the customers as they would prepare food for people to come and grab in the morning work rush.

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