Philippines vs. Cambodia | 3X3 Basketball M Prelim Round | 2019 SEA Games

Cambodia 3×3 Team finished 0-6. The last game was 21-6 in a lost to the Philippines. The Cambodia Basketball program has to develop a training strategy in Cambodia and around the world. We need skill development from a modern perspective. We have to have coaches and trainers that understand how to use what the players we have…., and not worry about players we don’t have.

We need a system & strategy unique for Cambodian players, and try not to copy the playing style of other countries! The United States Cambodian players are trying to copy NBA players, when none of the players played in the NBA! We need to find the best qualified current 2020 minded coaches and trainers to find players that fit a system for Cambodians. We need to have them dedicated to coach, practice, and compete all-year round! Not just for a few weeks. We need to have a development team and the Elite team that practices and competes with each other on a frequent basis. If not, we will continue to go nowhere. Our uniforms can look good, but our basketball play is not. Change with a good strategy. Then we will see a brand of basketball that Cambodians can be proud of.


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