Making sandals from tires: The pensioner who refuses to quit

Durable shoes made from old car tyres became the distinctive style of the Khmer Rouge regime four decades ago. And still today this footwear, despite its tragic historical associations, continues to prove popular among Cambodia’s older generation.

But most importantly for 87-year-old Samrith Un, this enduring sandal continues to offer an invaluable source of income for his family.

Un redesigns the traditional sandals, called ‘Sbek Choeung Kang Lan’, in many styles, offering his customers a modern twist to this shoe with a stark history.

Un was born in Takeo province in 1932. He served in the monkhood for nine years as a young man before he married his first wife in Pursat province in his 20s. Together they had nine children – the oldest of which is now in his 60s.
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