King Jayavarman VII statue hand gesture revealed

A joint working group for the Apsara Authority has answered a question surrounding the exact hand gesture of a King Jayavarman VII statue discovered years ago.

The statue was missing its hands and archaeologists were baffled at what the gesture was until yesterday.

Long Kosal, Apsara Authority spokesman, said French and Cambodian archaeologists found the King Jayavarman VII statue was forming the “hand to chest” form.

Mr. Kosal said the finding is based on evidence following years of historical, archaeological and scientific research.

“There have been doubts for many years regarding the exact gesture of King Jayavarman VII, which some researchers think he was in the meditation gesture,” he said. “Others said he raised his hand to pray, but there is no clear evidence of each opinion.”

Source: https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50669273/king-jayavarman-vii-statue-hand-gesture-revealed/

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