Investing in Cambodia’s Adolescent Girls

Cambodia has a very high rate of labor migration to other countries, and a dramatically changing economic landscape. It also has very high drop-out rates in secondary schools. Cambodia’s state education system has been slowly but steadily improving under a set of ambitious, long-term reforms by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. Many have worked hard to make these reforms a success, including the government, civil society, development partners, and the students themselves. Yet, despite the years of positive change, many young Cambodians still struggle to get an education and build the critical skills they will need in a rapidly changing country.

In remote, rural locations and provinces near the border with Thailand, pervasive poverty remains a powerful disincentive to education. Child labor and unsafe labor migration are widespread, and drop-out rates for rural secondary schools are high. No one is affected more than the country’s adolescent girls. Just one in three Cambodian girls has the opportunity to finish secondary school, and many students lack the support and the role models they need to imagine opportunities beyond their rural villages. As a result, young people in rural Cambodia often have very limited career aspirations that leave their true potential unrealized.
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