Interview with Sreylin Meas: Maybe the perspective of the people who have power is not the same as ours.

Sreylin Meas began her career in filmmaking as a film crew member in 2009. She has since worked on film and television productions, and “California Dreaming” is her first short film.

On the occasion of “California Dreaming” screening at Osaka Asian Film Festival, we talk with her about Anti-Archive, the inspiration behind the film and the title, the place of women in Cambodian society, and many other topics.

Anti-Archive was created among close friends who love making films so we can easily find funds to produce films. The goal is to make films that we want to make. I got involved with Anti-Archive even before it begun, through friends I had worked with on previous projects and who, then later, created the company.

What was the inspiration behind California Dreaming and how did you come up with the particular title?

It is very personal story and somehow it is my first time writing so I couldn’t find the best way to express it during the process of writing. At one point, I accidentally watched “Chungking Express” by Wong Kar-wai during the process of my script writing. I was inspired by the film, especially Part II about the lead girl. I cannot even describe the feeling she gave me. I’m not sure if she is happy by the end of the film or not. That is how I could continue writing my story. I ended up giving the name of my film according to the feeling it’s giving me; although some people won’t get it. It is symbolic of a place we dream to be but not even sure if it’s a happy place. Maybe it’s all in our mind.

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