Immigrant Success: Laura Som is working to save lives and memories in Cambodia Town

This profile on Cambodia Town community leader Laura Som, who is the executive director of The MAYE Center, is part of a series exploring the successes of immigrants in Long Beach. Immigrant Success is a collaborative podcast project between Long Beach Post and Long Beach Post reporter Stephanie Rivera is the podcast host and Antonio Ruiz is the producer.

Laura Som is the executive director of The MAYE Center, a holistic healing center focusing on Khmer Rouge refugees in Cambodia Town, and a community leader focusing on empowering residents through civic engagement and activism.

Som was inspired to create the healing center following her own journey in self-healing due to the trauma she faced as a child refugee under the Khmer Rouge.

Following an unstable childhood that included living in an orphanage and refugee camps, Som and her mother moved to Long Beach when she was 10 years old.

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