Hundreds of desperate Australians look to charter flight out of Cambodia

Peter Gillard, a 26-year-old pilot in Cambodia, is asking for help to get home

A group of more than 300 Australians in Cambodia have asked the Australian embassy for assistance to leave, as they face a military-enforced lockdown that watch groups warn could “obliterate human rights.”

Peter Gillard, a 26-year-old pilot, says others in a Facebook group called ‘Aussies attempting to Leave Cambodia’ include a family of nine – with a child with autism who needs more medication – and a family travelling with elderly parents.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he’s “shocked and bewildered” at 16,000 Australians defying travel advice to travel overseas, saying they won’t “find themselves high on the list” to return to the country.

“I know some people have gone against the advice of the Australian Government, but many of us haven’t,” Peter says.

“We’re not all in that group that just irresponsibly went overseas, we’ve tried, we’ve really tried every option available… have some compassion for your fellow Australians, we’re just looking for some help, that’s all.”

Cambodia looks set to enter a state of emergency tonight, and Amnesty International has warned the proposed emergency laws will “severely undercut the human rights of everyone in Cambodia.”

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