How the Cambodia Town Film Festival helps preserve culture

Cambodia Town Film Festival co-founders praCh Ly, left, and Caylee So in front of the Art Theatre in Long Beach. The festival returns Sept. 13-15

For praCh Ly, director and co-founder of the Cambodia Town Film Festival, the annual event is more than just about movies.

It’s about generations of Cambodians coming together and seeing stories they can relate to that will spark conversations about culture and identity.

“I think that for me is the payoff,” he said a few days before the return of the seventh annual Cambodia Town Film Festival , which comes to Long Beach Sept. 13-15 with the goal of not just entertaining, but also celebrating the resilience of the community and highlighting the importance of preserving culture through stories with more than a dozen films that touch on all aspects of the Cambodian experience.

And it’s fitting that the festival takes place in Long Beach, since the city is home to Cambodia Town, which was designated by the city council in 2007.

It’s home to many refugees who escaped the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge regime, which took the lives of more than 1 million people in the 1970s.  And with a population of more than 50,000 people, Cambodia Town it is believed to be the largest concentration of Cambodians living outside of their home country.
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