Homeless for A Semester to a United Nations Intern to a Harvard Graduate Interview by Women on Topp

Vannary Kong

‘’Ever since she I was five years old, my dream was to always work in the United Nations.’’

Let’s say, ever since Kong started to go to school she has been working her way up. Boss lady Kong was born in Frenso, California and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kong received her calling when she was five years old, around the time when she was started to conceptualize themes such as political corruption, war, inequality, and human rights. Growing up within a mixed race background, Kong was able to learn to conceptualize and balance multiple cultures.

‘’I grew up learning how to balance being multi-racial, particularly from an inter-religious background. My biological father and step-father derive from Louisiana French Creole and African American descent, and my step-mother is from the Lakota Tribe in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. My mother practices Theravada Buddhism, my biological father belongs to the Nation of Islam, and my step-father and stepmother are both Roman Catholic.’’

Kong’s journey to Harvard University all started when she was homeless for a semester and ended up interning for the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

‘’I honestly did not think I was good enough to be at Harvard. However, for some reason, intrinsically, in my spirit, something kept telling me that I belonged there.’’

Kong is a recent Harvard Graduate Scholar, Civil Servant and an Ambassador. Her story is inspiring and one of a kind. 

Women On Topp spoke with Kong about her United Nations internship and her journey to Harvard University as an incredibly motivated woman.

Full interview at https://www.womenontopp.com/homeless-to-united-nations-intern-to-harvard-graduate/

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  1. You and I shared the same dreams. I often dreamed about working for the United Nations when I was younger. But I thought those dreams were misguided as I got older. I had no contacts within the UN, so the chances were slim to none it would ever become reality. At least so my reasoning started to become.

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