Greensboro, NC teen faces deportation over adoption snafu ‘I feel like I belong here’

GREENSBORO — She’s both a daddy’s girl and the “mini-me” to her mom.Snapshots of them from a life full of smiles and laughter are spread over a nearby wall in the family’s small, tidy home in the shadow of N.C. A&T.

Prom. On a boat at the lake leaning on her mom. Playing in the grass.

And there, at 5 months, just after George W. Bush’s administration gave sanctuary to the Montagnard parents, then in a refugee camp in Cambodia after fleeing religious persecution in Vietnam.

“Maybe that’s one of my favorites,” Elizabeth Rahlan-Ksor said of the picture of her father with his arms protectively around her.

The Page High School senior is moved to brimming tears. Across the room, her father wipes away his own.

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