Gilroy doughnut shop family loses daughter, but her organs save her father, two others

Monday might have been like any other morning at the Gilroy Donut House, with Hok family members — who have owned this downtown shop for 30 years — greeting their regulars and boxing up apple fritters, buttermilk bars and maple old-fashioneds.

Except that many of those customer orders came with heartfelt messages for the family, whose emotions are roiling with both anguish and gratitude.

Their 29-year-old daughter and sister Kim, who had been on life support since suffering a brain aneurysm in late April, died Thursday. But her organs were in good shape. On Saturday, one of her kidneys was transplanted into her ailing father, Sreng Hok, in an operation at Stanford University’s medical center.

Her other kidney and her liver went to two other patients, according to her brother, Bunlong “Jeffery” Hok.

A portrait of Soktea Hok at Gilroy Donut House in Gilroy, Calif.,

“She can save three people’s lives,” mother Soktea said after emerging from the back of the shop with a tray of freshly made doughnuts. “I’m happy.”

Kimlang Phoeu, who went by Kim or Kimmie, was a special needs child and her mother’s constant companion. The family immigrated to the United States from Cambodia in 1985, and Kimmie was born about 6 years later. Mother and daughter worked together, walked together, watched TV together.

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