From Killing Fields to Orange County deli, immigrant’s journey is about building community

Jenny Lu is a role model for giving what you can, even when you have very little

Anyone who selflessly helps others deserves applause, even more so in this age of grab what you can. Still, every once in a while we come across someone who merits a standing ovation for reaching out.

Meet Jenny Lu, who literally vibrates with enthusiasm when she talks about things like service, paying it forward, building community.

Building a business

Walk into the peculiarly named “Scott’s Donuts,” and you enter a place where new friends quickly grow into forever friends.

You see, when you are building something from nothing, you don’t shell out cash just to change a sign. You put everything you have — including your heart and soul — into earning a living, providing for your children, nurturing a clientele.

“I’d rather save money for my regular customers,” Lu explains, “than give money to some advertising company.”

Even after two decades in the same joint in Rancho Santa Margarita, Lu and her husband, Tony, work almost every day. In fact, until recently they only took two days off a year.

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