Former Employee Alleges Human Trafficking, Forced Labor Against Rockport Business

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tonight, we begin a special report about a former employee of a Rockport business, who has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court, accusing the Rockport business owner of human trafficking, forced labor, and peonage.

The former employee is also a member of the business owner’s family.

The former employee’s attorney calls what his client experienced from the owner ‘modern-day slavery.’

The information you’ll hear in tonight’s story is from that lawsuit.

Sophy Treadway was born Sophy Koem, in Cambodia, in 1989.

After her mother died, and her father worked long hours away from home, Sophy grew up living with an aunt, Sinoeum Mao.

According to the lawsuit, Treadway’s journey to Texas began in 2008, when she met her second cousin, Sopheak Otero.

Otero and her husband, Matthew, were in Cambodia for work, and in 2009, the Oteros hired Treadway and Mao as their full-time servants and nannies for their children.

Paid them $2-$3 a day.

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