Five stories about people making the world a better place – Leng Ouch

From an antifascist granny, to a forest protector, to a former prisoner-turned-pastor, meet people pushing for change.

All over the world, people are in lockdown as humanity faces a global threat from the coronavirus pandemic. But from wars to criminals to climate change, people have always faced immense challenges that have threatened communities’ ways of life. And as long as there have been challenges, there have been people rising up to meet them.

From our archives, here are the stories of some remarkable people who, in the face of fascism, corruption, crime and disaster, are pushing back against the odds to bring about positive change

Cambodia’s Forest-Protector

Cambodia has witnessed some of the most rapid deforestations in the world over the past decade. But a brave local activist is desperately trying to save some of the country’s last remaining forests.

Leng Ouch has infiltrated logging syndicates across the country and recorded reams of damning evidence using hidden cameras, drones, GPS trackers and informants.

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