Ecotourism brings huge benefit in rural development

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that ecotourism, especially regarding community tourism and resource development, is set to be prioritised as part of the ministry’s commitment to environmental conservation going forward.

The comments were made yesterday by ministry Permanent Secretary of State, Tith Chantha, at a press conference concerning the potential benefits of ecotourism in the Kingdom.

“Cambodia has many natural attractions. From forests and mountains to the coastal retreats, we have a lot to offer tourists,” he said.

“Ecotourism is important, as it opens up Cambodia to a whole new sector within tourism, giving some much-needed diversity. However, it also is a method of tourism that significantly benefits local economies. As a result, this helps us in our preservation efforts, as locals turn to tourism rather than hunting or deforestation to earn an income,” he added.

Khmer Times
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