DNA testing / Where do the people of Southeast Asia come from?

A fascinating new study has potentially unlocked the secret of the origins of Southeast Asians, resolving a long-standing debate on the prehistory of the region

Southeast Asia is a melting pot of genetic diversity. One of the big questions about the origins of this diversity has until now been unresolved. In the groundbreaking study The Prehistoric Peopling of Southeast Asia, published in the scientific journal Science, 43 researchers from Thailand, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Germany, the UK and Denmark shed light on this question.

Two main competing theories about the peopling of Southeast Asia have dominated academic discussions for a long time. Both are based on the fact that the first migration into the region consisted of descendants from the first people who left Africa 60,000 to 70,000 years ago. But from there, the theories take their own course.
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