Kampot Pepper, a gourmet pepper sought after by chefs around the world, comes from Kampot province on the south coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Klara Dohnalova and David Pavel discovered it on their first trip to the country and soon set up a business aimed at bringing Czechs a whole new culinary experience. Their company Pepperfield offers a luxury line of black, red and white Kampot pepper that is guaranteed to spice up any dish. They came to Radio Prague’s studio to talk about their enterprise and started out by telling me what inspired them to launch this business.Audio

David: “Basically it was a love for Cambodia. When we travelled to Cambodia we simply fell in love with the culture, the people and the whole country. After that it was easy, because we were looking for projects that would enable us to help and everyone pointed us in the direction of pepper. We didn’t know anything about Kampot pepper at the time, so we needed to learn a lot, go through all the stops, logistics, business and so on and now we are in the marketing stage and selling Kampot pepper to customers here in the Czech Republic and have big plans to expand to other EU countries.”

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