Conversations with Creative Cambodians: RJ Sin

Conversations with Creative Cambodians highlights different Cambodian artist each episode. Cambodians tend to be know for two things: The Killing Fields and donut shops. But there are poets and painters, sculptors and singers, dancers and film makers. Our first guest is RJ Sin, a hip hop artist.

Born and raised in Oakland, California. Ratha Jim Sin better known by his stage name RJ Sin, started writing poems at the age of 15. later venting them onto beats and generating into songs. RJ always had the passion for music; his father is a musician and is part of a band name “Ankor Wat Band.” one of the more popular and well known band in the bay area. Though RJ does not play any instruments he picked up the biggest tool that his father could’ve past down. The art of singing, rapping, in both Khmer, and English. He has performed at various community events, open mics, and college campuses. Through his music, RJ hopes to inspire and up lift people regardless of their race and age. By addressing the life struggles of Cambodian Americans, social problems, and problems within the community. He uses this as a story to tell the world, how things are on his side of the “planet.” By blending old school Khmer music mix with modern day music, his lyrics speaks volumes in both Khmer and English.



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