City Theatre Opens Season With Much-Anticipated ‘Cambodian Rock Band’

Southside-based City Theatre Company is kicking off its 45th season with one of the most-anticipated new works in American Theater, Lauren Yee’s  “Cambodian Rock Band.”

The genre-bending musical drama won the Steinberg American Theater Critics New Play Award, an award honoring outstanding new plays that debut outside New York City.

Cambodian Rock Band” will run at Pittsburgh City Theatre in the Southside from September 14 to October 6. For more information and tickets, visit citytheatre.culturaldistrict.org.

Coming off its April 2019 inaugural production at Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater, the play is making its East Coast debut at City Theatre. Playwright Lauren Yee, director Marti Lyons, and artistic director at City Theatre, Marc Masterson all sat down with Clare Drobot, director of new play development at City Theatre, for their new podcast “City Speaks,” discussing “Cambodian Rock Band” and the process of putting the production together.

“‘Cambodian Rock Band’ is about deep family secrets coming to light, and that there is catharsis and healing and the ability to move on once those things are unearthed,” said Yee.

“It’s really a father-daughter story about a daughter who goes back to discover her heritage, and a father who doesn’t want her to discover certain things about her heritage,” said Masterson.

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